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Workshop to Focus on Hunting Access

Hunters looking for suggestions on how to gain more access to private land are invited to attend a hunter-landowner relations workshop Monday, Dec. 13 in Bismarck.

The workshop is free, and is scheduled from 6:30 – 9 p.m. at the Career Academy Conference Center (1221 College Drive) on the campus of Bismarck State College.

North Dakota Game and Fish Department personnel will provide tips for hunters on how to approach landowners and ask permission to hunt on private land. Private landowners and representatives from the North Dakota Landowner-Sportsman Council will assist with the presentation.

Pat Lothspeich, Game and Fish Department outreach biologist, said land access is the main issue facing hunters today. “There might be more private land that is posted now than when I was a kid, but that doesn’t always mean a landowner doesn’t allow hunting, and it shouldn’t prevent a hunter from seeking permission,” Lothspeich said. “This workshop will help hunters gain the confidence to knock on a door or make a phone call, and provide other tips to improve the experience for both the hunter and landowner.”

The primary sponsor of the workshop is BSC’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math program. Co-sponsors are Delta Waterfowl, NDLSC, and Game and Fish.

For more information, contact Scott Terning, Delta Waterfowl, at (701) 222-8857 or Lothspeich at (701) 328-6332.

 Courtesy of North Dakota Game and Fish Department

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