Gear Up For The Hunt.

The land has as much to offer as the lake. Literally a hunters’ paradise, both water and upland game are plentiful in this central flyway for fowl. Within minutes you will come across ducks, geese, grouse, partridge and even a few pheasant. Perhaps it’s venison you’re seeking. Archery hunting for deer is excellent, thanks to abundance of deer, varied terrain and excellent cover. For many of those same reasons, rifle deer hunting also yields excellent results. Camo up against the chill of an early fall morning, find your spot, and fill your limit by noon.


  • 1

    Hike to the lookout tower at Sully’s Hill

  • 2

    Take in the history at Fort Totten historic site

  • 3

    Cross country ski/snowshoe at Grahams Island or Sullys Hill

  • 4

    Ride the bike trails

  • 5

    Window shop or shop downtown

  • 6

    Throw in a line along the great shores

  • 7

    Take a bird-watching excursion to Lake Alice natural wildlife refuge

  • 8

    Watch the sunset over Devils Lake