Lake Region Birding Trail.

Wetlands, Woodlands, and Prairies

Welcome to the Devils Lake Basin with its wealth of wildlife species and public lands. This area is part of the Prairie Pothole Region made up of valuable complexes of wetlands interspersed with important grassland habitats. Adding to the uniqueness of the basin are tracts of hardwood deciduous forests that are an anomaly on the prairie. This mixture of wetlands and lakes along with grasslands and woodlands contribute to the species richness of birds in the region. These habitat resources are not only valuable to wildlife but also perform important functions for the human environment in terms of water quality improvements, minimizing erosion, flood water management, carbon sequestrations, ground water recharge, recreation, tourism, and education. Many of the wetlands, woodlands, grasslands, and associated wildlife are harbored in the area’s public lands. The Basin’s public lands are comprised of the National Wildlife Refuge System, ND State Parks, ND Game and Fish lands, and County Recreation areas. This panel will provide you an introduction to public areas which await you with their wide array of bird life.Important public lands to visit in the Devils Lake Basin consist of Sullys Hill National Game Preserve, Lake Alice National Wildlife Refuge, and the Nikolaisen, Wengeler, Martinson, and Hofstrand Waterfowl Production areas. These are all part of the Sully’s Hill National Wildlife Game Preserve. ND State Parks in the area include Graham’s Island State Park. And if you travel to Stump Lake you can enjoy the Old Settlers Park, Black Swan Game Management Area, and Stump Lake National Wildlife Refuge.We hope you enjoy the diversity of habitats in the Region, the richness of our area’s bird life, and the hospitality of the Devils Lake Region. Send us an email at chamber@gondtc.com and we will send you a map with more detailed information on each of the areas.

Also, visit the Sullys Hill Birding and Nature Festival website to learn more about the annual regional event.


  • 1

    Hike to the lookout tower at Sully’s Hill

  • 2

    Take in the history at Fort Totten historic site

  • 3

    Cross country ski/snowshoe at Grahams Island or Sullys Hill

  • 4

    Ride the bike trails

  • 5

    Window shop or shop downtown

  • 6

    Throw in a line along the great shores

  • 7

    Take a bird-watching excursion to Lake Alice natural wildlife refuge

  • 8

    Watch the sunset over Devils Lake