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What an early spring.

  What an early spring. Last year at this time we still had ice on the lake. This year the Walleyes are just about done spawning in most areas. Fishing is starting to heat up. The current areas are still producing fish. Areas like the coulee bridges, six mile bay and where ever there is running water. Leeches seemed to be the anglers choice along with jigs tipped with plastics. Now that the docks are in at the boat ramp in Minnewaukan we are see more boats out ad about. Guys are catching fish pitching jigs along old Hyw 281 and any place that has rocks on the shore line. Again leeches and jigs with plastic are the key. Old hyw 281 is closed to truck traffic but you are allowed to walk, bike or take your ATV down them. there is a little water on top of the road, but for the people that put the rubber boots on and venture out are catching pike and walleye. With this early and warm spring are fishing is a good two weeks ahead. I would bet in the next 8 to 10 days the fishing will be second to none.

Keep your Line Tight

Courtesy: JJ’s Bait Shop

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