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Well I think the grip of winter is now departing us.

  Well I think the grip of winter is now departing us. We had our first claps of thunder this morning. As I look at the rain gauge it says about an inch. That should do it for the ice fishing. The shorelines are about done unless you want to plank out. My phone has been ringing off the hook. Are you guys flooded? I heard the town is under water? Do we still have a place to come. Yes we are still here and no we are not flooded. Yes we are getting a bit more water than last year. But not as much as they said so I think we will be fine for another year. So bring smiles and fishing gear and lets have some fun. Now back to the fishing. I have heard good reports from the few that are out ice fishing. Six mile bay, mission bay and the maulvee culee areas are doing good. We do have some run off coming into the lake around the bridge and culvert areas. Just in the last couple days I have seen some nice eyes being caught. Most guys are shore fishing or taking little boats out and putting them in over the rocks. Remember our best shore fishing months are coming up, end of April and May. We do still have some openings for Lodging and or guide service.

Thanks to all for a great winter season and we hope to hear from you soon.

Courtesy: JJ’s Bait Shop

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