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Well how do you like to catch your walleye today?

Happy 4th of July everyone! Well how do you like to catch your walleye today? This is the question the guides of Mitchell’s Guide Service has been asking a lot lately. All methods are working these days. Slip bobbering the flooded timber and weed lines, casting crank baits on wind swept shorelines, trolling crank baits, and bottom bouncing with spinners have all been effective methods of fishing on Devils Lake since our last report. Some days were tougher than others due to either too much wind or flat calm conditions. But the fishing has been very good overall.

The water temperatures have definitely warmed up and the fish are beginning to make a transition to a little deeper water. The weed lines have really grown and it is common to find weeds poking through the surface in 8 to 9 feet of water. This illuminates a lot of casting spots so with change so do our methods of fishing. This isn’t all figured out in a couple hours of fishing. It takes a team work of guides constantly exploring and trying new methods in many different parts of the lake and then sharing the information amongst the guide staff to help make every day successful.

We have been getting a few complaints lately of people having a hard time finding openings with Mitchell’s Guide Service in the month of July. So I went through the schedule book and found several days in July that we do still have available. Some days are soon full and there are a few that are wide open so here it is…

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