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Weather and Fishing Go Up and Down

The fishing has been just like the weather up and down with hi pressure and low temps and that damn wind has been somewhat of a challenge to get the fish to bite. The same grubbies from nw metro tackle in red glow, chartreuse and red glow and green glow with a minnow hooked behind the dorsal fin allowing it to swim and proven to catch those finicky jumbo’s. We have been catching walleyes (nice ones) mixed in with the perch. A minnow head has been the ticket for some of the walleyes. A couple things when fishing is patience patience patience,switching out presentations also has been very effective in turning the lookers into table fare. I have mixed it up from buckshots to tungsten and back to grubbies with waxies or minnows or minnow heads. I fish a lot of contour lines and finding fish is tough but, when you find them try to bounce around in that same contour line and you will be surprised what you may find. Another tip is find irregularities in those lines and fish those areas. Till next time… Tight Lines! John

Courtesy of Big John’s Guide Service

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