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We have as much as 12 to 14 inches on the bays and 8 to 10 on the main lakes.

Well, things looked a lot rosier before yesterday happened.  We had been pretty lucky dodging all these heavy snowfalls that kept going south of us and then boom…our turn.  We got 12 to 15 inches dumped on us all day yesterday.  We are pretty lucky in the fact that by avoiding the heavy snow for so long, the lake was making pretty good ice.  So far we have as much as 12 to 14 inches on the bays and 8 to 10 on the main lakes.  But now that ice building will be a little slower as this heavy snowfall will definitely be an insulator.

What does all this mean???  It means travel on Devils Lake is going to be a lot more difficult.  We have been dealing with this same problem, the past 3 seasons.  Because of this, both Woodland Resort and the Perch Patrol are more equipped to handle these situations than ever before in either of our ice fishing histories.  We have spent a lot of money investing in Mattracks for ATV’s and vehicles and Hugglund SUSVs.  All of this, to better equip ourselves to get our customers where they need to be to catch fish.  So, turn that frown upside down!!!  Our fishing spots just got a little more private as of yesterday. 

We have been very busy taking reservations and gearing up for what looks to be an extremely busy winter.  We still have plenty of room to take your party fishing and we would love to take you fishing this winter.  Most of the the Woodland rental houses are now on the lake and some of them have have been producing some nice catches of perch, walleyes, and northern pike.  The first customers for the Perch Patrol arrive on December 27th.  The Perch Patrol have been busy putting their new Fish Trap Thermos together and getting geared up for another busy winter.

Courtesy of Perch Patrol

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