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We got what we wished for and that was cold temperatures.

The Perch Patrol is back in action!!!    We got what we wished for and that was cold temperatures. Enough now, a little moderation of say “anything ABOVE zero” would be great.  Some of the slush did heal up in certain spots and the ice did get thicker, but the heavy snow is still here and did not go anywhere.  We are done driving our trucks because you just can’t get anywhere.  Some of the guides are using snowmobiles, some have polaris rangers on mattracks and also the suburban on Mattracks you see on the home page of the website.

The fishing has been a little spotty. We have had some decent days but the before dark walleye bite has us puzzled.  We mark and catch walleyes during the morning bite, and pick away at a few during the day and we expect big things to happen during the prime hours of 3:30 to 5:30 and we barely even mark a fish.  It could be the full moon phase that has their feeding hours messed up or the every other day front that moves through.

This has been by far the toughest January the Perch Patrol has ever seen and it is all due to the heavy snow.  But we are adapting and learning a bit more every day on how to deal with it.  It has hampered our mobility and we just can’t split up and fish different parts of the lake like we are accustomed to.  We stick together and help each other not only find fish but during the times of need…getting stuck and break downs as well.  The good news is we have been through the worst of it!  The weather is supposed to warm up, and hopefully stabilize as well.  This should improve our fishing.  Our job is ten times easier when the fish are biting.  It is not all gloom and doom, we have had some success this past week and we have posted some photos for you to enjoy.

Courtesy of Perch Patrol

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