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Warmer Temperatures Are Forcasted For The Upcoming Week!

That’s right, we finally started heating up! Temperatures were reaching the mid 60′s this past week which helped our water temp’s to climb as well.  Walleyes have been getting more active in the afternoon when the sun is the highest and the warmest. Jigs and gold hooks under bobbers with leeches has been the best bet. Try targeting areas in the 5 to 15 foot of water along wind blown shorelines.  Also,  pitching #5 raps and plastics has been producing some very large pike and walleye. Pike seem to be getting bigger this year with some real whoppers reaching the 20 lb mark.  While pitching for walleyes, we are picking up white bass which have been becoming more active and have been found in the back bays were the water is a bit warmer.   Warmer temps are forecasted for the upcoming week so  things should only get better. Good luck to all!

Courtesy of Mitchell’s Guide Service:

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