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Warmer Days Are on the Way!

The long awaited late ice season is not too far off in the future. Late season ice fishing can be some of the best ice fishing of the season here in Devils Lake. Some much needed stable and warmer weather looks like it is on its way.

The perch are still being caught on Devils Lake right now. Anglers are finding these perch in all parts of the lake. There really hasn’t been one particular spot that has been the “go to” spot so don’t be afraid to try areas as shallow as 7-8ft or as deep as 40-45ft. Most fish are being caught on tungsten jigs or small buckshot jigs. Tip these jigs with a minnow head or load them up wax worms. Being mobile has still been very crucial to the success of finding these perch.

Walleyes and pike are still being found in the common areas. Try fishing transition areas where the fish are moving during feeding times and also try areas with submerged structure like rock piles, roads, and trees.  The evening walleye bite has seemed to have been a little more active and better than the morning bite.

Access on the lake is still very good. 2wd pickups could be more of a challenge but you should be able to get most anywhere with a 4wd pickup. There are some small drifts with the recent winds that we have had. Make sure to bring your extensions as our ice is over 40 inches in most spots on the lake.

Good luck to everyone this weekend!

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