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Warm Weather and Good Fishin’

The weather has finally started to feel like a North Dakota Summer this week. It looks like the weather is going to shape up for a nice week to be on the water and the fishing has been good.

The trolling bite has still been going strong. It seems that most fish are starting to be caught in depths right around 20 feet, off old submerged shorelines. Try using a 1 1/2oz or 2oz bottom bouncer with a spinner to get down to the fish at these depths. Spinners tipped with products like Berkley Gulp! have been working well, if you happen to be out fishing after one of the major weather fronts that has come in don’t be afraid to mix things up and tip your spinner with live bait such as a worm or leech.  Spinner colors have been all over the board but it seems a good go-to color on Devils Lake is red and white or hammered gold. If you have multiple people fishing, try throwing out a variety of colors to see what the fish are preferring that particular day.

Some areas to focus on are Doc Hagens, Six Mile Bay, Golden Highway, and Pelican Lake.

Slip bobbering has still been working and seems to be the go to ticket when a front hits and slows things down a little. Try slip bobbers along weed edges or even submerged structure like sunken rock piles. Good luck to everyone out on the water this week, make sure to stay cool with this heat wave coming in and make sure to share your pictures of your catch on our Visit, Devils Lake North Dakota Facebook Page.


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