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Walleyes that bite like bass and Pikes biting off any lure…

The bite is on with some great and exciting strikes from shallow water and your hooked on Devils lake fishing. 

 Walleyes that bite like bass and being fished like bass this time of year is so fun it is hard to describe to fisherman that have not fished this way before.  Fishing trophy walleyes in one to six feet of water that was land two months ago.  Fishing with plastics or crank baits it gets your blood pumping.  Lots of very nice two to four pound fish coming in.  Lets not forget the 20 or so released monster walleyes that were seven to eight pounds with the biggest one at 10.2# caught by a Nebraska guy. 

 With pike around any corner waiting to bite off any lure that does not have a wire leader on.  Most of these toothy critters are three to eight pounds with a occasional 12 to 20 pound not unheard of.  With 20 fish limits white bass are starting to bite also giving most angers some thing else to catch.  Our average bass topping the scales at 2#s but really big bass are 4#. 

 If any of this sound like what you like to do give Aaron a call 701-351-6058 I still have some days open.

Courtesy of McQuoid’s Guide Service.

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