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Walleyes continue to bite!

It is really amazing how fast this summer has gone. Not long and the leaves will be changing and fall will be upon us. If you still have a craving for  that walleye thump and would like to get out for some late summer/early fall fishing, give us a call and we will make it happen. Walleyes continue to bite! The absolute key this time of year is consistent and stable weather. A bit of wind, the right depth and bait and the bite is on. We are still working a lot of that 9-12 ft of water. Our best presentations continue to be vertical jigging with worms, leeches, or minnows. Pitching jigs with plastics. We have also had good luck covering water with bouncers and spinners. Chartreuse, green, pink, white, and hammered silver have all been good colors for spinners. I think more important than color is depth and speed. We are moving between .7 and 1.4 mph most days. Again, our depths have usually been between 9-12 ft, but there are days when it can be as deep as 20 plus. Northerns and bass are still biting and it seems like the best action for them is pitching cranks or jigs and plastics into the shallows and retrieve them back. We have also caught some nice northerns trolling cranks out a bit deeper, (anywhere from 10-16 ft) with Shad-raps or Salmo hornets. Good luck to all and remember it is not to late to have feel that thump on the end of your pole!!

Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service

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