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Walleyes are still hanging out in very predictable spots in Devils Lake

The weather heats up and so does the fishing. I have not posted many new reports because they are getting a bit boring.

The walleye are still hanging out in very predictable spots. The bite I have enjoyed the most would be on the weed edges. Find a weed bed, put on a bottom bouncer over an ounce, troll the outside edge with a hammered god spinner and your favorite Gulp! on the hook and hold on. Not all weed beds have the same numbers or size fish, but they do all seem to have fish. There is not one part of the lake that is better than others either. It is happening literally everywhere.

The next bite that is also rock solid would be the deeper fish. The old lake shoreline is now 25 to 30 feet deep. There are walleye using it like we use HWY 2 to get to Grand Forks. Get the same spinner and Gulp! on the bottom in the depth range and you will score a limit if walleye for sure. If you can find where that depth intersects with flooded roads, rock piles, or deep timber, then you have a double whammy. Again, far east to far west, this pattern is holding up across the entire lake.

Northern Pike and Perch are also showing up in the same areas. The Perch have been big too when you find them. Many anglers are having success targeting them when they find them. Spinners or small jigs with a piece of crawler have been best for perch.

The white bass have still been a bit elusive, but are there. Casting small swim baits or crank baits have been best. A little wind seems to stack them up and make the easier to find. Look shallow.

Courtesy of Johnnie Candle

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