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Walleyes and MWC Fishing

The walleye fishing has been good this last week! We just recently held the MWC Walleye Tournament on Devils Lake on August 19th and 20th. Congratulations to Troy Morris and Cory Heiser on winning the tournament with a 44lb 2 day bag! It was awesome to see the amount and size of fish these anglers could produce. All of the fish that were cleaned will be used for our 11th Annual Community Fish Fry and Corn Feed that will be taking place on Thursday, August 25th from 4pm til gone at the Bill Jerome Arena in town. Please stop on by if you are in town that day!

As far as the fishing, we are starting to notice a little bit of a transition of walleyes from shallow structure to a little bit deeper. We found walleyes this last week from 22-40ft of water. We had really good luck using 1 ½ oz bottom bouncers while fishing in less than 30ft of water and using 2 oz bottom bouncers when fishing in deeper than 30ft of water. We focused on sunken roads and submerged rock piles. It seemed the fish were hanging in the road ditches vs the top of the roads so we would make passes along the road ditches where the shoulder dropped off and found most of our fish there. As far as spinners go, there was no rhyme or reason to what color they preferred; it seemed once you found the fish you could throw out any colored spinner and get bites. Some colors did produce a little more aggressive bites but those colors varied every day so don’t be afraid to throw different colors at them. The Berkley Gulp! Still seemed to be hot bait again, try using white minnow grubs and minnows/chartreuse minnow grubs and minnows/or pumpkinseed minnow grubs or worms.

With fall right around the corner we have noticed the vertical jigging bite has also picked up to. Focus on the sunken rock piles and submerged structure as well as the many bridges around Devils Lake.  Don’t forget to share your photos of your catch on our Visit Devils Lake, North Dakota Facebook page! We would love to share pictures of what you are catching.

Good luck to everyone that is venturing out on the water!


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