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Walleyes and More!

Devils Lake fishing has been good this last week. The walleye fishing has been going well; many people are still catching their limits of walleyes trolling bottom bouncers. The beauty of trolling this time of year is that when you find a pocket of fish you can have a hay-day catching lots of walleyes. For trolling right now, try using 1 ¼ oz or 1 ½ oz bottom bouncer when fishing in 20 feet or less and use a 1 ½ oz or 2 oz bottom bouncer when fishing deeper than 20 feet. Spinner blade colors have been a day by day thing, try using firetiger, red & white, white & silver, and hammered gold as these seem to be a safe bet for walleye fishing on Devils Lake. Tip your spinner with either a worm or plastic like Berkley Gulp!  When looking for a location to troll focus on break lines this time of year, it seems the fish are transitioning off break lines of old lake shoreline. Set your trolling speed between 1-1.3mph and start your trolling path, I would start shallow and work my way out to deeper water to see where the fish are holding up. As stated in previous reports, once you catch a walleye make sure to mark that waypoint and turn right back over it. If there is any bit of wind try and fish the wind-blown side of the shore as this is where the bait fish will be holding up at. Some areas of the lake to try are: Doc Hagens, Six Mile Bay, Golden Highway, and Pelican Lake (Pelican might be a little bit slower fishing wise but will produce good size fish when you do catch them).

The neat thing about Devils Lake this time of the year with trolling is that you just never know what you might catch: Walleyes, White Bass, Pike, Perch and even Crappie like this dandy that was caught trolling this week! Don’t forget to share pictures of your catch on our Visit Devils Lake, North Dakota Facebook Page!!

Good luck to everyone that will be hitting the water this weekend!

Suzie Crappie Selfie 8-2-16


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