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Walleye fishing on Devils Lake continues to be very good

And the beat goes on! Walleye fishing on Devils Lake continues to be very good despite some pretty tough conditions this past week. The wind has made our lives interesting. It seems to blow 30 plus miles an hour or not enough to make a ripple. We have had some pretty hard core groups that wanted to go fishing anyway and we went to the calmest water we could find and guess what we still have been able to scratch out a nice limit of walleyes.

So, how do you like to catch fish? This is the question we are asking our customers every morning. The neat story on Devils Lake right now is that there are so many different methods and right now they all seem to be successful. From jigging rock piles, live bait rigging, and slip bobbering on calm days to trolling crank baits in 8 to 12 feet of water to trolling with lead core in 18 to 25 feet of water, and pitching crank baits around weed beds in the shallows. Some days its fun to try a little bit of everything and put on a crash course in walleye fishing tactics. We have heard a lot of nice comments from customers about how they appreciated fishing so many different methods and how much they learned over the course of a two or three day fishing trip. So there is something for everyone that is for sure.

We haven’t been catching a lot of northern pike lately. Every once and a while we stubble into a couple of them but we haven’t really been targeting them either. The white bass have taken over the shallows. Pitching crank baits on wind swept shorelines or along the highway rip rap is just about a guarantee for successful white bass fishing.

This has been by far one of our busiest and best summers in the the history of Mitchell’s Guide Service and it is by no means over with. We still have 10 days of July left and August is right around the corner. The walleye fishing will still be as good then as it is now so, if you are still thinking about a trip to Devils Lake it is not too late there is still plenty of prime time walleye fishing left and we will do our best to get your party scheduled in.

Good luck fishing everybody!

Courtesy of Mitchell’s Guide Service

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