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Walleye fishing has been pretty consistent…

“The bite remains good! Seems like there are days you have to work a bit and there are others where they really go. The walleye fishing has been pretty consistent, with the best bites still coming early and late. Some days the bite will go all day, it really just depends on the day. I think it is important to be fishing in deeper water or very close to deeper water to catch walleyes consistently, deeper water being anything over 25 ft. The perch have been good all winter! Seems like the last week to ten days the bite has either been really good or really slow. Our best depths have been between 30-55 feet of water. We have had some days where we get them as shallow as 15. Pike have been scattered in with the walleyes and perch. There have been some real tanks caught as well. 8 year old Tucker Satterlund caught a 42 inch pike all by himself while fishing for perch! Way to go Tucker!! Good luck to all! I think March Madness is going to be very good this year, make sure you get to Devils Lake and experience some world class fishing!!”


Pulled from Lake-Link Fishing Report by
Mark Bry
Bry’s Guide Service
(701) 739-0161

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