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Walleye bite remains good around…

Ice fishing has been decent this week. With a few front that came in and out there were a few days of slower fishing but most of it was pretty good. Walleye bite remains good around Grahms Island, Doc Hagens, Mission Bay, Stromme Addtion, Along the tracks in Pelican…basically find structure and you will find Walleyes. Work structured areas in 6-25 FOW using anything with a rattle and a minnow head. Perch fishing this week was hit and miss..good one day and not the next..Swansons Point by the casino..Bud Point..East Devils Lake and Black Tiger bay were the spots for the most success. Work 25-60 FOW depending on what part of the lake you are fishing. Small Jigs with minnow heads, wax worms or spikes were working the best. Our first real snow storm is suppose to come this weekend, so we will see what the does to the fishing and lake access. Pray it goes North or South of us. Good luck and good fishing!

Courtesy of Ed’s Bait Shop.

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