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Walleye bite has remained OK!

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of reports…website was down and repairs were being made.  As for fishing goes, well things are a lot better then it was couple weeks ago. Warm weather knocked down a lot of snow then it got cold again. Results in that are driving on the lake, yes I said driving. From what I’ve seen and heard you can drive in quite a few different areas of the lake. As for fishing goes it has been hit and miss this last week. Up and down weather usually does that. Walleye bite has remained OK with the better areas being north end of Six Mile Bay, Mission Bay, in front of Camp Grafton, towers area, Military Point, Walfords Point, Ft. Totten area, and in front of the casino. Try to find structured areas, rock piles, Humps, Points, Old shore lines…Fish anywhere from 10 FOW to 25 FOW depending on which area you are at. As perch fishing starts to pick up some, reports of a lot of perch being found in front of the country club, mouth of Creel Bay, North end of Creel Bay, Casino area, Towers area, and North End of Six Mile Bay. Fish depths of 26 FOW to 45 FOW.The Perch bite remains hit and miss with some days better then others. Moving around is the biggest key to success when perch fishing. So with being able to drive on the lake, c’mon out and give it a try. Its been a slow season getting around, but hopefully with the conditions we have now things will pick up. Good luck and good fishing!

Courtesy of Ed’s Bait Shop

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