11 2015 »

Updated on Ice Conditions

The warm weather has sure changed the conditions up here in Devils Lake. We are currently sitting with abnormally warm temperatures for this time of the year. The next 5 days look like they are going to be really nice, but that will not sit good for ice conditions. All of the snow on the lake has melted up here making for some very slushy conditions on the lake with lots of standing water. The forecast also calls for the wind to pick up over the weekend which can really cause some drastic changes in the ice conditions.

It looks like today and tomorrow are going to be the very last few days of vehicle traffic on the lake. If you are venturing up here over the weekend it would be a good idea to bring a 4 wheeler and planking as access onto the lake can get tough as the ice starts to pull away from the shoreline. Make sure to call ahead to our local bait shops (Ed’s 701-662-8321 and Pete’s 701-662-8033) or to the Chamber Office (1-800-233-8048) to find out the latest conditions as things can change very quickly. Be safe out there and good luck to everyone!

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