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Trails are open!

Welcome anglers to the Annual Devils Lake Fire Department Tournament. We wish everyone the best of luck and hope you enjoy your time in Devils Lake.

As for fishing, heavy snow on the lake really limited anglers this past week. However, the access group and the resorts have worked hard and been able to make some trails for anglers this week. The Casino, Woodland Resort and Ackerman Acres have plowed trails in their areas. The Chamber will be updating the trail list this morning at www.devilslakend.com (too long to include here). With the heavy snow anglers wishing to adventure out off the trails will find it tough going without a snowmobile. Possible, but tough.

Walleye anglers have been reporting a good morning and evening bite. The better areas have been the humps in the Flats, Doc Hagens, the Ft. Totten/Cactus Point area, the Casino area, Rocky/Military Points, East Bay near the Camp entrance, the Stromme Addition area, Foughty’s Point, and Black Tiger. Try using sonars or buckshots, nils, raps, or kastmasters tipped with minnows or minnow heads.

Perch fishing is really hit or miss. Some anglers do well each day, but it’s been tough to duplicate it the next day. Some of the better areas have been the Casino, Rocky/Military Points, and the south end of Black Tiger. Look for deeper ledges from 30-50 feet. Hali’s, kastmasters, genz worms, hanger rigs with jigs such as ratso or ratfinkies, and small raps tipped with wax worms, minnows, or minnow head all tend to work at times.

Pike fishing remains good in the north end of Six Mile, Sweetwater/Morrison area, and Pelican Lake. Smelt or herring with tip-ups works well. Good Luck & Good Fishing!!!

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Trails are open!

Lakewood: The access point is open & cleared out.

Six Mile Bay: On the north end of Six Mile Bay, the trail loops covering the whole bay, and is in good shape. From the boat ramp, the trails runs to the Doc Hagens area.This trail has a little bit of water on it but will loop around the bad spots today.

Acorn Ridge/East Bay: The trail heads south towards Camp Grafton and back to the ramp, then towards Stromme Addition and cuts across to the 82nd Ave NE entrance (off Highway 2 East) onto the lake. The trail then heads to Foughty’s Point and continues to Skadsems Bay. The trail also cuts across to Ackerman Acres. (All trails here are in good shape).

Highway 2 Access (82nd Ave NE): The trail heads to Haybale Bay and completes a large loop.

Other trails to access are at Spirit Lake Casino and Woodland Resort.

Happy Fishing & best of luck in the tournament tomorrow!

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