23 2012 »

This should be the year…

The Walleyes are almost done with there spawning time on this end, 6 mile the Game and Fish are striping eggs today.  Normally ten days from now we should start some of the best jig and bobber fishing for walleyes.  So if you have time in May to make it out this year this should be the year.  Northerns spawned early this year I seen it to be April 6 in the areas that I am fishing.  Making them VERY active now thru end of May.  We did have some 8-10 pounders this past week but lots in the 3-5 pound area.  Two yesterday had two perch in there stomach that were spawning right now, both being over 11 inches.  The weather has been so nice this spring it has allowed us to go fishing many time this spring before spawn.  I have made some new package prices this year for 6 hour days that are a little more apealing to some people.  Give me a call and we can get you set up this year. 

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