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This past week has been a week of change for those fishing on Devils Lake.

Woodland Resort/ Mitchell’s Guide Service Fishing Report

This past week has been a week of change for those fishing on Devils Lake. (1) Summer is finally here! The temperature has been mostly in the 70 degree range and we did hit 80 degrees for a day or two and it has given us some warmer water to deal with. The surface temperatures are now mostly in the 60 degree range with some shallow water bay temps hitting as high as 68 degrees. (2) We have experienced a major bug hatch. The sand flies have hatched and if the wind is not blowing they can be a major nuisance. Not too mention they provides an extra food source for the fish. (3) The wind quit blowing for about four days. This made fishing very challenging and forced us to find new fish in deeper water and also forced us to spend most of our time either slip bobbering or lindy rigging with leaches and vertical jigging on top of structure. (4) Because of the calm conditions the shallow water became extremely clear. This seemed to be a bad deal for fishing shallow water especially for casting crank baits. (5) The weed beds are growing daily. All the ingredients – clear water and warmer water temps have been just right for healthy weed growth in the shallow water. (6) The past 2 days the wind began to blow and it clouded up the shallow water and made for excellent fishing casting crank baits.
The life of a fishing guide. Imagine how fun it is to try and continue to catch fish with all these changes going on in 1 week’s time. We did struggle some what during the calm conditions early in the week but we were able to still limit out most of our customers but it was extremely slow and a long time would pass between bites. Check out photos from this past week at http://fishdevilslake.net/reports.html. >From the middle to the end of the week the fishing drastically improved especially when the wind started to blow. We are still catching fish on slip bobbers with red hooks and leeches along shorelines but we did move out deeper to the 10 to 13 foot range. We are also still catching a lot of fish pitching crank baits and mimic minnows on windy shorelines. Best crankbaits have been #4 and #5 Salmo Hornets and #5 Shad Raps. Good colors have been perch, fire tiger and chartreuse. All in all, it turned out to be a pretty good week of fishing despite all the biological changes that occurred. Again the team work executed by the Mitchell’s Guide Service Team of guides pulled us through some tough fishing conditions.
We are very proud to announce that Merle Nelson of Mitchell’s Guide Service won the Spirit Lake Casino Cup over the weekend. This was a two day tournament with over 100 teams rounding out the competition. Each Team could way 5 walleyes per day. Merle brought in a two day limit of 10 walleye weighing over 57 pounds! Way to go Merle! Don’t spend all that money in one place!
Steve “Zippy” Dahl
Mitchell’s Guide Service

Good luck fishing this week

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