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Things Just Keep on Keepin' On!

Things just keep on keepin’ on here at Devils Lake, ND. The fishing is one of them. Limits are the rule not the exception and there are some bigger fish to be had as well.

There are a few patterns that are working right now. First is to find a flooded road anywhere in Devils Lake and troll a #3 Indiana or Colorado Spinner down it. I have been using 2 oz bottom bouncers in all depths and tipping with a 3 inch Gulp! Minnow or Curly Tail Grub. Gold, Silver, White and Fire Tiger spinners with matching Gulp! has been the ticket. Most of these fish are in the 12 to 18 inch range.

The next pattern is to find the old lake shore line. In most of Devils Lake, that is 24 to 28 feet of water, in some of the newer parts of the lake the depth could be shallower. This is an area of exposed rock and gravel created form the consistent erosion over the years with Devils Lake at that same level. It was created before the flooding. There are many walleye relating to this old lake shoreline. The same spinners mentioned above are working here too. This is a great way to catch 100 walleye in a day if you want to try.

The last pattern is to cast crank baits and swim baits or put a bobber and a leach next to a weed edge. Depths can be from 4 to 8 feet of water. The wind blowing in is better, but not always necessary. Eskos, Flicker Shads, Berkley Ripple Shads and Shallow Shad Raps have a caught fish in the past weeks. Anything white or perch colored will do the trick. Many of these fish are a bit larger, but the bites are less frequent.

The Pike and White Bass can literally show up at any time. I have seen them as deep as 25 feet and as shallow as 3 feet. One never knows where they will be. They are all eating the same food, so the fish can be mixed together quite often.

If you thought about coming to Devils Lake, you just need to get here. The fishing will take care of itself.

Courtesy of Johnnie Candle

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