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Things are Looking Good!

Well first of all we would like to Thank all of you who stopped by and visited our Woodland Resort/Perch Patrol booth at the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show last weekend.  Wow, what an event!  Every year that show seems to grow a little bit more.  Jeff Dosch, Zippy Dahl from the Perch Patrol worked the booth along with Kyle Blanchfield, the owner of Woodland Resort and Devon Sundeen an ice fishing expert and reservation specialist at Woodland Resort.  A great weekend was had by all.

The rest of the Perch Patrol Team along with some of their buddies were out fishing on many parts of Devils Lake.  They hunted for both perch and walleye and although they didn’t find them everywhere they did find quite a few to play with and a few days they even caught their limits of perch.  Other days they marked a lot more that they caught as some of the perch were tight lipped.  See photos below of some of their nice catches!

As far as ice conditions go…kind of all over the board.  They found 11 to 12 inches on the main lake and in Creel Bay.  The did find a few 5 to 6 inch spots on the main bay however.  The Minnawauken Flats had about 13 to 14 inches consistently.  Pelican had a the most ice 14 to 16 inches but they reported a lot of pressure ridges to navigate around.  East Bay has about 10 to 12 inches as well.

We are glad we have as much ice as we do this early but still recommend using an atv or snowmobile instead of driving full size vehicles.  Safety First!  It’s going to be a long season, let’s keep it that way!

The reservations for the Perch Patrol are absolutely through the roof.  Never in our history have we felt this much demand this early.  We are coming off our best season ever last year and our guests that experienced it with us seem to be all coming back with even larger groups.  The only days that we have left in January and February are single day trips, meaning there just aren’t any two or three days in a row to do a package.  March is the only month that we have package possibilities and the last couple of days, we have been selling a lot of them.  Please visit our availability calander to view what we have left.

We are very excited for our first guests that are arriving this coming weekend and then our season will really kick off on December 15th.  We will have more to report on ice conditions and hopefully have more pictures to show you as well.

Be safe out there!

Courtesy of Perch Patrol Guide Serivce

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