09 2012 »

There are days you have to really work at it…

Up and down is the best way to describe the bite and the weather of late on Devils Lake, ND.
There are fish biting, but there are days you have to really work at it. We are in a period of lots of transitions and the best thing that can happen is for the water to continue to warm and the spawn to occur, from there the fish really move shallow and the fishing really takes off!
For best action fish current areas with jigs and minnows. Vertical jigging has been the best for us. Some days are better in the current and others are better just off of it. We have caught a few fish in the back bays retrieving jigs and plastics as well. There are some fish being caught on the Sheyenne River, best areas are below dams or other current areas.
We have been booking many groups for late April and May. Look for the fishing to be fantastic! If you are interested in a trip, give a call and we will make it happen!

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