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The Shallow Water Bite Is On

Things are starting to warm up here in Devils Lake. This last week has brought us a few different fronts that have come through but the fishing has remained steady. We are seeing water temps in the mid 50’s range with some reports of people finding pockets of 60 degrees. Right now the key to finding walleyes is shallow water (in that 2-6 feet of water range). The warmer the water you find, the more likely you will find active fish.

There are a couple presentations that are working on Devils Lake right now. The first presentation is the pitching/casting presentation. Jigs tipped with paddle-tails and twister tails are working well, also casting Rapala’ s and Salmo Hornets are working well right now in the shallows. The key with pitching jigs is to have a more controlled and slow retrieve.  The other presentation that is working is live bait-rigging. Try using slip-bobbers or a lindy rig setup tipped with a leech. With the cooler air and water temps it seems the live-bait rigs have been working better and once the water has warmed up for the day it seems the pitching methods start to turn on.

Some areas to key in on this time of the year are 6 Mile Bay, Pelican Lake Area and the Bays out in the Minnewaukan Flats area. These shallower areas seem to have a lot warmer water which is what you want to be looking for right now. Good luck to everyone fishing the AIM Tournament this Sunday on Devils Lake and also good luck to everyone venturing up this way this weekend.

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As many of you have heard, there was a diesel spill out at Camp Grafton this last week that let 500 gallons of diesel into their storm drains that ends up in Devils Lake.  Due to the timely response, impacts appear to have been limited to the area adjacent to the storm water outfall. Fishing and recreation on the lake has not been affected.


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