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The key seems to be movement…

Summer is a moving and the bite is going! We have had a lot of luck using live bait rigs to cover water. Fish can be just about anywhere this time of year and the key seems to be movement. We have caught walleyes as shallow as 4 feet and as deep as 32 feet. There are many different bites going, but the most consistent bite seems to be working 16-25 feet of water. Look for transitions in the bottom (soft to hard bottom, rock piles, edges of weeds, drop-offs). Seems like many of the fish are on ‘spot on the spot’ locations. Bottom bouncers work great for feeling the bottom and they can help you understand you’re your depth finder is showing. Worms, leeches and minnows have all been good. We are also using jigs and plastics and catching some nicer fish. Pike are being caught along with walleyes and we seem to catch a handful of them everyday. Bass have been a bit spotty. The key is to track them down. If you can get calm enough water look for bubbling along the shoreline and get ready. The bass we are catching are big. Look for bigger fish to get more aggressive as fall continues and many will move back into the shallower water. We should have an excellent fall bite on Devils Lake! It has been a great summer of fishing on Devils Lake and if you would like to experience some excellent fall fishing, give us a call.

Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service.

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