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The Fishing is Picking up!

It looks like fishing could heat this weekend with some warm weather in store for us! We have had some extremely variable weather the last few weeks but things are starting to look more stable now. Local bait shops have been hearing a lot of recent reports of some fish starting to be caught and the buzz for ice fishing is picking up.

It looks like a nice warm up this week and into the weekend could be what just Mother Nature ordered to spark the bite here in Devils Lake. Fish are being caught but need a little extra coaxing into biting. Word around the local bait shops like Pete’s Bait Shop and Ed’s Bait Shop is that Swanson’s Point, Rocky Point, Doc Hagens, Ziebach Pass, Military Point, the North end of Six Mile Bay, and the West End of Stump Lake have been producing fish. The Northland Buckshot Minnow has been one of the hot lures. Tipping these with a minnow head, wax worm, and perch eyes has been the ticket! One tactic that has been proving to get the fish to react and bite has been bringing up the lure a good 3 feet off the bottom to trigger the fish.

There are a few pressure ridges around the lake this year and most of the recent snow has blown off the lake making travel very easy on the lake right now. Use caution when traveling near pressure ridges as the ice is not always safe in these areas. One nice thing about Devils Lake being a large body of water is that there are always ways to get around these pressure ridges. Many people love to target the “Towers” area of the lake in the winter and the pressure ridges across Wolfords Bay and Creel Bay have made it tougher to get there. A lot of people have resorted to driving over to Grahams Island State Park and accessing the lake from there boat ramp and getting to the “Towers” that way. A couple of the major ridges to watch out for include the one across Creel Bay and Main Bay, the one across Wolfords Bay, Six Mile Bay and up in Pelican Lake.

All of the local access points from the boat ramps have been cleared off and most of the lake is sitting with 24” of ice on it Anglers are now using vehicles to access the lake and move around on it. The access points that we clear off are Six Mile Bay Boat Ramp, Henegar Boat Ramp, the end of County Road 1, Lakewood Boat Ramp, Eastbay Boat Ramp, and the access point off of 82ave (behind Pops Bar).

Good luck to everyone this weekend and enjoy this warm up that is coming!

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