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The Fishing is Improving!


January 29th Devils Lake Report


The fishing the past week has been good in Devils Lake. There has been some very nice weather that has allowed many people to focus on running around the ice trying to find the perch, and it looks like many people have been successful at doing so.


It seems that the days when the sun is shinning the perch are on the prowl for food and are more apt to take your bait and lure. Cloudy days you have to really work your lure to get some commotion going and cause a little frenzy to trigger the perch. It also seems that if you mark just one perch on your sonar/flasher they are pretty lazy and won’t come up off the bottom but once you mark a couple it creates a little competition between the fish and they really start to get fired up.


The walleye and pike fishing has been excellent too. Some stable weather really picked the walleye bite up, if you are looking for walleye the best times are usually the first couple of hours at first light and the last hour or two before sun down; Target areas with structure and transitional points. Pike fishing has been awesome and there have been a lot of reports of people getting into some good pike with running tip-ups.


Some general areas to key in on have been Six Mile Bay, Doc Hagen’s, Ziebach’s Pass, and Swanson’s Point. Some hot lures have been the Buckshots and Tungsten lures. Color has been pretty variable but minnow heads and wax worms have been producing a lot of fish.


As far as ice conditions go, we are sitting we just around 30 inches of ice on the lake. It won’t be long before people will need to start using extensions on their augers. There are still a few pressure ridges around but are easily avoidable by going the extra mile and taking the long way around them and not trying to cross them. Snow has been minimal up here so access on and around the lake as been excellent. Good luck to everyone fishing this weekend and especially to everyone fishing the Volunteer Fire Department Ice Fishing Tournament on Saturday!

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