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The Fish are Biting!

Hello everyone, it’s has been one of the funnest weeks to be a guide this year. Why? you ask, well you can catch fish doing any method that you would like. Lets start with the easiest, slip bobbering has been and will be good for quiet awhile. Leeches and crawlers on 1/8 ounce jigs under bobbers near trees or weed edges have been great. Pitching #5 or #6 raps or 3/8 ounce mimic minnows  along wind blown shorelines have been awesome! Trolling #5 raps at 2.3 mph has been putting some real whoopers in the boat as well. Some of our guides have been pulling spinners already with great success using crawlers and Berkley Gulp along the same wind blow shorelines. Try to remember one very important thing when fishing Devils Lake,  always follow the wind. Meaning, any wind swept shoreline whether it be trees, rocks, or weeds they will be there just move until you find them.  Looking to go out with Mitchell’s Guide Service?  We have openings so give us a call at either one of the numbers below. It will be a great trip! Until next week, happy fishing!!

Courtesy of: Mitchell’s Guide Service: fishdevilslake.net

Woodland Resort:  Woodlandresort.com

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