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The fish are biting on Devils Lake!

The sun has been shining, the weather has stabilized, no blizzards, no monster cold fronts, and guess what???  The fish are biting!!!

It has been a while since our last report and for that I apologize!   When the fishing is tough, the guides job is a lot more difficult.  We have been putting in some marathon days trying to make things happen out there and I will admit it is very difficult to keep up with fishing reports when your evenings are so short.

The perch fishing the past three or four days has everyone in a stir around here!  We have had quite a few groups limit out and other groups have come close to it.  We are still using the buckshot rattle spoon tipped with either minnow heads, perch eyes, maggots, or wax worms.  The size of the schools of perch we are finding seem to be getting larger.  It is so fun when there is 3 foot thick of them and they decide to compete for your bait!

The walleye fishing has been fairly decent when it is cloudy out.  Since our last report, the walleye fishing has been the key to our success when we were in the middle of all those fronts moving through and the cloudy, foggy dreary days.  Buckshot Rattle spoons and Forage minnow have been the best tipped with a minnow head.  We have been fishing mainly structure and we did have some pretty good days fishing shorelines in 8 to 10 feet of water as well.

We haven’t done a lot of northern pike fishing this season but the days we do go for them it is pretty much a slam dunk.  We had a few fun days in 8 feet of water using just the jig rods.  It is so much fun to feel a northern pike slam your lure in that shallow of water.

We do not have much left for open days for the remainder of this season.  Posted below is the only available dates we have left:

March 20th  room for 6
March 21st  room for 6
March 24th  room for 6
March 25 – 28th room for 12
March 29th room for 7
March 30th room for 8
March 31st room for 12

Have a Great week of fishing everybody!!!

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