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The bite really seems to pick up when the sun is shining.

Sorry for the delayed report, things have been quite busy around here.  The fishing has been on the slow side overall.  We have had some good days but just when we find a new school of fish we seem to get bombarded with another cold front.  This has been the toughest winter the Perch Patrol has ever seen in its history.  Not only are the lake conditions the worst we have ever seen as far as heavy snow and slush areas but the inconsistent weather patterns have made this one tough year to find and catch fish every day. 

We are still busy guiding every day and it seems the bite really seems to pick up when the sun is shining.  This may have to do with visibility issues improving when the sun is out.  With all the heavy snow it has to be darker on the bottom of the lake and when it is cloudy all the time, it just seems that it takes a lot longer to mark and catch fish.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to dress properly.  We have had some clients show up with blue jeans and tennis shoes.  This is not acceptable and you will be brought to a store to do a little shopping!!!  You need to keep in mind that with these conditions we are not able to drive our trucks on the lake.  The Perch Patrol Guides are doing everything we can to get you to our fishing spots.  Some of the guides are using snowmobiles which do not have a heated cab.  Some of the areas we are fishing have some slush issues.  So you are going to need some water proof boots that are warm as well.  Muck Boots seem to be the best.

If you are planning to come and fish Devils Lake on your own, we would like to give you some advice…

1)  Bring snowmobiles or some kind of track machine

2)  Always carry a rope and shovel with you

3)  Never travel alone.  Bring two snowmobiles or two track machines so you can pull each other out if needed

4)  Always carry a working cellular phone

5)  Watch for new and fresh cracks these happen daily and you can plan on finding lots of slush near them.

Courtesy of Perch Patrol/Perch Express

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