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The bite is on at Devils Lake!

The bite is on at Devils Lake! We have had some warmer weather which has helped warm up water, create more weed growth, and helped with an algae bloom in the water. These are all ingredients that equal active fish on our lake. Methods for catching fish really vary from pitching cranks/jigs, slip-bobbering, pulling spinners, or trolling cranks. We have caught fish using all of these presentations. Best depths seem to be 4-17 ft of water. Fish where the wind is blowing in if you can and if not work weed lines, points, flooded points or trees. It seems like once you catch 3 or 4 walleyes, there are a lot more around so stay on them. Also, we have caught many of those nice eating size fish (14-18 inchers), and we have even caught some up and comers (8-12 inchers), which are great to see. White bass are still shallow and they seem to hit any cranks or jig/plastic combo you put in front of them. Northerns are a bit scattered, some are shallow and some are deeper. We are catching a few each day mixed in with the walleyes and bass. Good luck fishing and have a great weekend!

Courtesy Bry’s Guide Service

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