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The best success comes from anglers moving around a lot on Devils Lake

Hello Anglers…Sorry about missing last weeks fishing report. I was pre-fishing for that MWC Cabelas tourny and totally forgot to do last weeks report! The past couple weeks fishing has been about the same..catching a lot of fish but a lot of small ones at the same time. East bay continues to produce around the Stromme Addition, Foughty’s Point, Dairy Farm, Haybale, and Penny Bay. Jigging the bridges of 20 and 57 have also been good in the evenings. South end of the main bay is reporting success on the humps and rock piles…..Cactus point, Ft Totten point, and 5 crows are a few. The towers, old and new mill bays cover the main bay. In the flats Haily’s Hump, Patience Point, Howards Bay, and the Golden highway remain good spots as well. Pelican is picking up for some better fish, moon bars, Pelican Ridge and various weed lines around the lake are getting better. People are trolling, bobbering, jigging, spinners, and pitching cranks. Better depths for trolling have been 15-25 ft, 6-10 pitching cranks, 10-14 for the bobbers and 12-25 for spinners and bottom bouncers.

The best success comes from anglers moving around a lot and trying different presentations, depths, and locations. Good luck and good fishing! Keep those lines tight!

Courtesy of Ed’s Bait Shop

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