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Sunday, January 11 2015

It has been a very challenging last 10 days.  Quite Honestly the weather has been kicking our butts.  The past seven days we have had 2 blizzards, we have had temperatures as low as 53 below zero with the wind chills and the we have had days where the wind blew up to 50 miles per hour.  Do we need to even talk about what this does to the perch and walleye bite on Devils Lake?

We have had a few bright spots however, in-between fronts.  We have had some groups have some pretty good days on perch and other groups have done fairly well on walleyes.  By no means, did we have everybody limiting out but we did have a group or two that were definately in the right spot on certain days.

We are still using the small Northland Buckshot Rattle spoon tipped with minnow heads, perch eyes, or wax worms.  On the tougher days we have downsized quite a bit switching between small tungston jigs, rat finkies, hali’s, and slender spoons.  Some of the keys to success has been jigging the fish in and raising the baits up higher to reqruit more fish in.  It seems if you just mark a single fish, they never want to bite but by raising the bait and attracting two or three others into the mix, that’s what will trigger one of them to to bite.  It takes a lot of patience and we are encouraging our guests that the time to fish the hardest is when they are not marking any on the Vexilar.  If you lay the rods on the ice, you definately won’t need them.

On the bright side of things, the forecast looks awesome!  By midweek the weatherman is talking 30 degrees!  That will be a very welcomed change!  Fishing should improve as well.

Sorry no pictures this report, I am having an issue with my computer.  Good luck fishing everybody!

Courtesy of The Perch Patrol

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