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Something for Everyone Season!

It has been a very good week of fishing for the Mitchell’s Guide Service crew.  Do you have a favorite method of catching a limit of walleyes?  It is now the “something for everyone season” as the methods of catching fish are many.  Some of our guides are still casting crankbaits and plastics and doing well, some of our guides are slip bobbering with leeches on weedlines and doing well, and some of our guides are trolling bottom bouncers, spinners, and worms along weedlines and doing very well too.  We are catching a ton of fish throughout the day and the biggest challenge for the guides has been keeping from running out of bait!

With the earlier than normal spring, the walleyes seem to be entering their typical summer pattern ahead of schedule.  With June coming to an end and July right around the corner the numbers of fish caught in a day should increase…which is already happening.  We do literally have every size fish in the system right now.  This is due to some incredibly high rates of reproduction over the last three years.  These truly are the “glory days” of walleye fishing on Devils Lake and a lot of our customers are amazed at how many walleyes they catch on their way to achieving their limits.  The good news is it just seems to keep getting better.

Our schedule for July still has some availability so if you are looking to take a world class fishing trip this summer, we will find room for you.  Some dates are full but there is plenty of availability and opportunity to fit your group in so please give us a call (701) 662-6560.

Have a great week of fishing Everybody!

Steve “Zippy” Dahl

Courtesy of Mitchells Guide Service & Woodland Resort

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