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Some of our guides are holding strong with…

The fall season has definitely hit the Lake Region this past week.  High winds, cold temperatures, and very unstable weather has definitely impacted our fishing and not for the better.  We are still catching limits of fish pretty much every day but the overall size has been down.  Most of our fish are in that 15 to 17 inch range and a few 14 inchers to satisfy the getting the limit.  The northern pike numbers have been down as well.  A lot of fish are on the move lately and with all the fronts that have hit us we are having to work harder than we have for quite a while to limit out for the day.  Some of our guides seem to think our lake has gone through the turn-over period as all lakes do.  This happens when the surface water gets colder, which it has, it gets heavier that the water on the bottom of the lake and the two switch or “turn-over.”  Who knows?  The bottom line is once the fish get used to it they will turn on again.

On the bright side of things the forecast for all next week looks absolutely beautiful!!!  Highs back in the mid 60’s with plenty of sunshine.  This should be the nice shot of stable weather we need again.  When the sun is shining you will not find a more beautiful time of year to fish, with all the leaves changing color and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  You are going to make sure to bring your camera.

Our methods have been many lately as all of us have been trying many different tactics and many different places to catch our fish each day.  Some of our guides are holding strong with the bottom bouncers and spinners, some of our guides are jigging rock piles and current areas, and some of our guides are trolling crankbaits with lead chore.  All of these methods have proven themselves to be very successful in the fall season.

The rest of September looks very busy.  October needs help however.  The best of the fall fishing season is ahead of us.  For those of you that are coming to visit Devils Lake to hunt waterfowl, a day or even a half day of fishing with Mitchell’s Guide Service can be the highlight of your trip.  We are offering again this year the “Hunter’s Special”  This is a half day of afternoon fishing with Mitchell’s Guide Service after your hunt.  See below for more information…

Courtesy of Woodland Resort Mitchell’s Guide Service.

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