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Shore fisherman continue to report a good evening bite

Fishing on Devils Lake has been excellent with most all presentations working this time of year. Walleye anglers are pitching cranks into the edges of weedbeds or windswept shorelines, jigging sunken rock piles or around the bridges, trolling cranks along shorelines or deeper rocky structure, slip bobbering in the trees, or trolling spinner with bottom bouncers along the outer edges of weedbeds and along sunken rocky points. Some of the better areas have been the weeds of Pelican Lake; the sunken roads and flooded timber in the Flats, sunken points such as Haley’s Hump, Patience Point, Doc Hagens, Bird Island, the Ft. Totten/Cactus Point area, 5 Crows, and Swanson’s Point; the trees from Foughty’s Point to Black Tiger Bay; and the bridges around lake. Pike have been a little tougher to find, but are mixed in with walleyes in most areas. White bass are being found in most all areas of the lake by both boaters and shore fisherman. Jigs tipped with minnows along windswept shorelines have been the best.

Shore fisherman continue to report a good evening bite along the rip rapped shorelines. Some of the better places continue to be all the bridge areas, from the dike to Acorn Ridge south of DL, the north end of Creel Bay along Hwy 19, and the Hwy 281/19 area to the west. Lindy rigs tipped with leeches or crawlers have been working well. Good Luck & Good Fishing!!!

Courtesy of Ed’s Bait Shop

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