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Shallow Water Bite Time!

The shallow water bite on Devils Lake is starting to heat up. Over the last weekend water temps were ranging from 50-60 degrees. The key right now is to find the shallow bays that are the warmest. Look for walleyes to become more active throughout the day as the sunlight has had a chance to warm the water up. Walleyes are being caught in 2-6 feet of water in these bays. A couple different presentations have deemed successful.

First off, try pitching small crank baits into the water like a #5 Shad Rap or a Flicker Shad. Colors have varied but a couple main stay colors that seem to work best are firetiger and blue.

Another successful tactic is to use 1/4oz jigs tipped with plastics (paddle tails or twister tails) into the shallows as well. White tails have seem to work the best on various colors of jig heads. The key with pitching jigs is to have a more controlled and slow retrieve. A good tip to keep in mind is tying yourself a heavier leader with mono or fluorocarbon, as you will find lots of pike mixed in with the walleyes in the shallow areas!

This 25” walleye was caught in 6 feet of water with a 1/4oz jig and white paddle tail presentation.

5-8-16 25 Inch Walleye

Good luck to all the anglers out there, our fish cleaning stations will be turned on in the next couple of weeks when temps aren’t dipping down close to freezing overnight. Our year-round fish cleaning station located next to Ed’s Bait Shop is open for you to clean your catch.

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