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September 16th Report!

Fall transition has begun!!!!! The water temps have been dropping in the past couple weeks and this means bridges bridges and bridges. Water temps in the upper 50’s to almost 60 has brought our fall mentality. Jigs and jigging shad raps where current is running is key for finding limits of walleye and pike. I was not fishing alot the past week and a half because my Dad passed away and being able to get thru the past 15 days has been a struggle for me. Dad fished some and supported me more! I know he is in looking down from up above telling me to keep moving forward. Not to dissapoint him I had 5 days guiding this week and found success at the mauve and 6 mile bridges….. Limits of walleyes being taken in the 14-20″ range and some nice 4-13# pike too!!!! The lake will be flipping over soon and that will be a good thing as far as stability for the fishery. My phone has also been ringing for winter guiding and this is a great thing. I still have openings for a fall trips and encourage you to take a hard look at coming here to fish for your chance to catch some really nice fall walleyes with us. Till Next Time….

Tight Lines John

Courtesy of Big John’s Guide Service

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