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Seems like any bait that you put down will have a chance!

Merry Christmas to all!! It feels more like a nice Halloween Day than Christmas Day, but I guess we will take it!!

As far as the bite goes…With no snow anywhere on the lake mobility is pretty simple and fish are being caught. I still feel like ATV’s are the way to go right now on Devils Lake. Ice conditions are anywhere from 8-15 inches (there could be areas that are less, but this is the thickness of the areas we are fishing.) Walleyes are smacking in the morning and evening, seems like any bait that you put down will have a chance, but I prefer a buckshot with a minnow head. Thump it up and down three or four times and lift it about a foot off of the bottom and get ready. Most of the eyes are eaters with some nicer ones mixed in as well. Perch have been day to day, but we have been catching some toads! If you are willing to move around a bit and stay with the school, seems like you can scratch a limit or close to a limit many of the days. Pike have been biting mixed in with the perch and when we target them, we are usually fishing in that 6-12 feet of water. Walleyes have been best in the 12-16 ft. range and the perch have been anywhere from 10-30 feet. Good luck to all and enjoy the beautiful weather and excellent fishing!!

 Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service.

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