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Ringing in the New Year

This week has brought more snow into the DL Basin! We are recommending tracked vehicles(atvs, utvs, or sno-bears) or snowmobiles to get around right now. We are sitting with around 10-18 inches of ice in most areas of the lake. All of our access points have been cleared off and are ready to go for the weekend as of today!

There have been good reports of fish being caught. Pike and walleye are being caught in the shallower structure areas. Focus on finding those sunken rock piles, old shoreline breaks and submerged trees for the walleyes. The key with the walleyes are the first few hours after sunrise and the last few hours before sunset. Rattling spoons like Northland Buckshots and Clam Blade Spoons have been working. Try using a 1/4oz jig size and if you start marking fish but can’t get them to bite, try using a smaller jig in 1/8oz. Tipping these jigs with either a minnow head and/or a wax worm. Some colors that have been working are orange & white, pink, blue & white, and fire tiger. Don’t be afraid to mix up the colors if you don’t get much reaction form the stated colors.

As the sun starts rising for the day focus on moving out deeper for the jumbo perch, as these guys are basin roamers. Drill, drill, drill seems to be the word of choice right now for getting on the perch. Downsize to small tungsten jigs or jigging spoons for the perch, wax worms and minnow heads have been working for perch just like the walleyes.

A tip for those fishing in portable houses this weekend, with the amount of snow on the ice right now there will eventually be water showing up in your house. To minimize this from happening I suggest you leave all the snow in your portable house fishing area versus shoveling it out. This method seemed to give me a few extra hours of “dry” boots while fishing this last weekend!

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