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Pulling spinners and bottom bouncers…

I have not updated the fishing report lately..sorry to all you that read it!! Fishing this summer has been most likely the best that I have seen out here in the past few years..we have been pulling spinners and bottom bouncers with a single hook harness for most of the summer. Some good days we would use a golf counter and end up seeing we ended up with 164, 189, 211 fish  just name a few of our days!! with these days every 2 minutes there was another walleye coming into our boat. Great for kids and adults of all experience levels. Our water temp. only got to 72 degree’s this year allowing the fish to stay active all summer. Now it has fallen to 60 as our beautiful summer is leaving us.  With the past few weeks of NW winds, some up to 50 mph our leaves are blowing off our drought stressed tree’s fall patterns will start soon.
This week looks like 50 to 60 degree days and 30’s at night which will kick off our fall patterns quickly including spinners, crankbaits and jigs…
If your interested I still have a few openings in the 2nd half of October…we should still have some good days pulling crankbaits…for the nicer fish but not the quantity. Many limits still to be caught in October.

Looking forward to Winter:

Last year was very good.  Here are some of the pictures, some #2 perch the biggest on the scale was 2.69 in our houses.  I think this past winter was the best on record with us, but if we do not get much snow this next winter it is shaping up to be better than even last year.

Coming up this winter the fishing should be AWESOME again.  We should have good action in our comfortable portable insulated ice shacks!!  Adding to our 6 1/2×16 Ice Castle I am looking at Zach shacks for added comfort over our other portable houses. Trying harder to keep you warmer in your next ice fishing adventure.  I have open dates for early ice starting December 11-20 for good walleye and perch action. January 1 thru end of March for our walleye or big perch give me a call…last year we had many days with our limits of these beautiful perch, which 20 of these fill a bucket real quick!!
Words to live by when fishing “The more days you fish.. the more fish you will catch”
Email, text or call to put your mark on my calendar…Hope to see you this fall or winter on the pond…
Thanks for reading.
Courtesy of McQuoid Guide Service.

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