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Perch Patrol Fishing Report!

Another very good week of fishing was enjoyed only to be ended by the worst storm we had all winter. We wound up with 10 inches of snow on Monday mixed with 50 mph winds. All of our guests that were scheduled to fish that day left the night before as the forecast looked very ugly. So our guide season is now complete. There is still plenty of ice and there probably will be for a while for those of you that want to still come and fish Devils Lake on your own.

This was by far one of the best ice fishing seasons in the long history of the Perch Patrol Guide Service. I think we proved that the perch numbers are back on the high side again. For both size and numbers Devils Lake is in its own league when it comes to jumbo perch. Our future looks very bright for many years to come.

We would like to Thank all of our guests that came to fish with us this winter. We know some of the great distances many of you travel to get hear. We appreciate that! That is why our guides work so hard to help you experience the best fishing we can while you are here. We can never please everyone but honestly the number of guests that left with a smile on their face has never been higher! We definitely look forward to seeing you back again next season.

This is the final fishing report for the 2013-14 season. If you would like to follow the fishing reports through out the open water season we would like to invite you to check out Mitchell’s Guide Service. This is the open water guide service that operates out of Woodland Resort. Many of the Perch Patrol Guides work for Mitchell’s Guide Service all summer long. You can either visit the website www.fishdevilslake.net or give them a “like” on Facebook. Their facebook page is simply Mitchell’s Guide Service.

Thanks Again Everybody!!! See you next year!


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