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Perch Patrol Fishing Report

Wowzers! What a week! The Great American Jumbo Perch-A-Thon continues for the Perch Patrol on Devils Lake, North Dakota. These are good times we are enjoying this year and every week seems to top the previous one. It is so fun to see our guests experience this kind of fishing–it is truly world class!

It is pretty awesome to have some warmer temps. The past couple of days have been absolutely gorgeous. We are mid way through February now with March right around the corner. The good news is our ice is so thick we are having to use extensions on our augers. We are very confident we will be able make until the end of March this season.

Our schedule is very full. We are almost completely sold out for this season. We do have some scattered room in March but it is going fast. One question we are constantly asked especially now that we are nearly full on most dates is if we allow people to follow us for a fee or if we would be willing to sell fishing information? As politely as I can possibly answer these questions the answer is NO! Our commitment is to our customers that have made reservations period. When we are full that means all of our guides are guiding 4 clients that deserve 100 percent of our attention. The other issue is that the spots are at times can be very sensitive to too much pressure.

As far as openings in March, the first three weekends are full, we do still have room the last weekend. As far as during the week, it is best to call and we will do our best to find some available dates.

Have a great week everybody!

Courtesy of Perch Patrol

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