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Perch fishing still decent on Devils Lake


Well things have been interesting around here to say the least.  A week ago Monday the Devils Lake area got covered with 13 to 15 inches of snow and that has made travel on Devils Lake VERY difficult.  If you are planning on coming fishing here in the next two weeks, and are on your own, we highly recommend snowmobiles or track vehicles.  We are using snowmobiles and some areas we are chaining our tires but we do get stuck from time to time.  The 10 day forecast shows one day that is above 33 degrees all the rest it shows 19 to 25 degree highs with single digits and teens for lows.  What an exact opposite from last season.  We will have ice forever it seems.

The good news is the perch fishing has been pretty decent for us lately.  Our best success has been on the forage minnow tipped with 2 or 3 wax worms.  We have had both good numbers and some good size ones as well.  The photos below were taken since our last report.  Amazing what sunny days will help produce.

Fishing report courtesy of the Perch Patrol

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