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People starting to get fish on spinners and crawlers!

Hello, fishing continues to be pretty good. Having a little wind always help, but usually its not enough or too much. Pelican remains very good with pitching cranks on wind blown shorelines on edge of weeds or trees. Get in that 3-7 FT range. Refuge Island, Loomis Bay, and north of the tracks remain the best spots. Howards bay is producing nice sized eating fish. The south shoreline of Howards seems to be the best. New mill and the FT Totten area are producing fish as well. Penny bay, stromme addition, haybale, ruttens bay, browns bay remain the best in east bay.

Moving around is having the most success, pitch till your arms fall off and cover the most shoreline as you can. Colors for cranks have been purple or blue tiger flicker shads, hot steal, purple, and firetiger shad raps. If you want to live bit, get in that 5-10 Ft and use bobbers with leeches. Some people are starting to get fish on spinners and crawlers as well. Good luck to the anglers in the Devils Lake Open tomorrow put on the the Lake Region Anglers Association. CMon out and fish, it will be lots of fun and fishing with great people and a great Association! Good luck and good fishing

Courtesy of Ed’s Bait Shop.

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